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All bakthas did tulasi pooja to the tulasi plant given the peetam with high concentration and allegiance.

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a live theatrical production of the pastime of mrgari the hunter who was transformed from vicious cruel hunter to a saint by worshiping the tulasi plant and chanting hare krishna delighted the audience.

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purifying to the mind, emotions and body, tulasi beads are seen around the necks of nearly all yogis and mystics in india.

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one who at the time of death takes the name of lord krishna and is touching the wood of tulasi devi will attain the spiritual world.

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All kinds of sinful people, even a murderer of a brahamana, can become pure by circumambulating sri tulasi step by step.

Being incomparable she is called tulasi.

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Immunomodulatory effect the extracts of tulasi stimulate cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity.

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